I’m baaaack!

27 Dec

I’m back in action!¬†

After taking a break for school, I am coming back full swing… or at least partial swing.
There will be new things & old things making a return.
I am very excited to be back!



Fashion Friday!

24 Sep

(September 21st, 2012)

This fashion Friday features my favorite start of Fall 2012 street trends!

I’m so ready to layer and bundle this Fall! My immediate instinct is to dress in dull colors during Fall and Winter, however there are ways of bringing color into your outfit! As well as using neutral colors into your clothing without making you look dull.
I love these street fashion photos! Really frickin’ cute!

Weekly inspiration Wednesday

19 Sep

This weeks inspiration | Nerds attack!

I love love love older video games (and of course Star Wars)!
I may not be so awesome at them… but that’s besides the point.
Who knew that having an intellectually badass (nerdy) side could be so cool? (;

Tasty Tuesday!

19 Sep

(Septemeber 18th, 2012)

These. are. amazing.

Oreo chocolate chip cookie!
All you need is a bag of oreos, and chocolate chip cookie mix!
Mix up the batter for the chocolate chip cookies, take 1 oreo and put a small amount of cookie mix on the top and the bottom of the oreo. Then flatten the cookies mix all over the top and bottom of the oreo cookie and cover the sides as well.
Bake, and done!
These are so quick! And sooo delicious!

Music & makeup Monday

19 Sep

(September 17th, 2012)

This artist ‘Oberhofer’ is really making a big splash in music! If you’ve seen the Life Water Sobe commercials featuring Ashley Green, or have seen the recent Summer 2012 Samsung phone commercial featuring a band playing on top of a tall building, then you’ve heard Oberhofer.
Looking at how big time he’s made it along with his band makes me want to get out and go deliver something amazing to the world.
I went to Tacoma School Of the Arts, in Tacoma Washington and watched so much talent transform infront of my eyes. Brad Oberhofer was one of those people. He graduated a year ahead of me in 2008, and is a great inspiration to follow your passion and dreams. As cheesy as that sounds. Ha! q:
Congrats Brad Oberhofer for  makin it big and reminding me that I can do this!

This week I’m really taking hold of the idea that Orange is the color of the year.
Sephora taught me that. (;
Personally it is a very hard color to pull off, but for others it looks amazing!
Lips and eyes are loving this color!

Accessory appreciation!

16 Sep

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy accessories! They can jazz up any outfit, or add just enough of an eye catcher!
Hats are one of my favorite accessories, other than the obvious, jewelry.
I usually dont wear hats, because I feel like I can’t go an entire day wearing one, however I love how the right hat will pull your entire look together!

Here’s to you hats! And all you do for our messy less than perfect hair days, and our outfits that are starving for a perfect match.

Fashion Friday!!!

14 Sep

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite outer space fashion!!!

This is an exciting topic for me! I am in love with space. Everything from stars to cosmic rays! (look it up.)
I love the look of the colors and shapes on clothing and accessories. This trend is easy for anyone to wear and it’s not just a one season type deal. You can wear these prints year round. I promise.
(Pluto should still be a planet… (; ass hole astronomers.)