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Weekly inspiration Wednesday

19 Sep

This weeks inspiration | Nerds attack!

I love love love older video games (and of course Star Wars)!
I may not be so awesome at them… but that’s besides the point.
Who knew that having an intellectually badass (nerdy) side could be so cool? (;


Weekly Inspiration Wednesday!

30 Aug

(August 29th, 2012)
This weeks inspiration | wedding things!

For some reason there has been an increase in weddings among my friends recently.
It’s got me thinking about all the things I’d like at my wedding, not like i’ve thought about it before… cuz’ that would just be crazy. (;
Years from now… this will be/is my inspiration.

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

28 Jul

(July 25th, 2012)

This weeks inspiration | Stripes!

I always hate using stripes in anything, fashion, accessories, home decore… but it doesn’t have to look cheap or over done.
A simple striped top paired with another pattern or a solid color can really bring out the stripes without making them too excessive.
A simple striped pillow in a room can be just enough of a pattern to make the room!
This is my inspiration.

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

18 Jul

This weeks inspiration | Pops of yellow!

Recently I’ve been wanting to add more color into my wardrobe & life as a matter of fact!
I always see girls using pops of color in unique ways,
& this is my inspiration!

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