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Fashion Friday!

24 Sep

(September 21st, 2012)

This fashion Friday features my favorite start of Fall 2012 street trends!

I’m so ready to layer and bundle this Fall! My immediate instinct is to dress in dull colors during Fall and Winter, however there are ways of bringing color into your outfit! As well as using neutral colors into your clothing without making you look dull.
I love these street fashion photos! Really frickin’ cute!


Fashion Friday!!!

14 Sep

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite outer space fashion!!!

This is an exciting topic for me! I am in love with space. Everything from stars to cosmic rays! (look it up.)
I love the look of the colors and shapes on clothing and accessories. This trend is easy for anyone to wear and it’s not just a one season type deal. You can wear these prints year round. I promise.
(Pluto should still be a planet… (; ass hole astronomers.)

Fashion Friday!

7 Sep

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite denim looks! From white to black, jean is mean! (;

I try to stay away from the denim dan look, but i’ve got a lot of jean things in my closet… i can’t help it! I’m just in love.

Fashion Friday! (feeling beachy bikini edition)

31 Aug

I have yet to fully embrase summer to the fullest.
For being such a beach lover I’ve only been out on a boat once and haven’t really even put my feet in the sand.
It’s sad but true.
My post Feeling Beachy has got me thinking that before time is up I should wrap my arms around summer and never let it go!
But since it is almost September it’s about time to pack tank tops and shorts away to collect dust.
So you could say I’m a little late this year, or I’m just overly prepared for next year… but this is my beachy bikini inspiration!

These three bow top bikinis below are hand made by Eva Elz of Amourouse. I love them! they’re classic and a bit retro yet just contemporary enough.
Must have.

love this red bow bikini top!

These two swimsuit photos below are made by Black Milk Clothing.
Their creative edge is brilliant and just my taste!

Fashion Friday!

24 Aug

This week Fashion Friday features my favorite dark fashion.
Dark colors and dark feeling.
Who says you can’t wear black during Summer…

To some black and edgy should be kept in the closet for the seasons of color. Especially this year, where the massive trend was to wear neons and brights. But getting out of whats expected or what makes sense is the best part about summer edginess.

Fashion Friday

17 Aug

This weeks Fashion Friday features my favorite nude colored looks.

These tones are my comfort zone. I love natural earthy colors!
They’re easy to use and wear everyday. Super mix and matchable with other colors and hues!

Fashion Friday!

12 Aug

This weeks Fashion Friday features my favorite animal prints!
On  the prowl for leopard print.
Also!.. My spin on these leopard print looks!
(August 10th, 2012)

Love love love a print jacket!

My look…
I got this jacket from a vintage store in Tacoma Wa on 6th ave. Such a good buy!

The leopard print shoe! No matter what style shoe it is, it’s always a small statement piece on its own.

My look…
I got this first pair from Target in early August of 2012.
This second pair was from a store in Gig Harbor Wa called Fashion First. They have since closed their doors. These heels are the brand Miss Me.

An accented shirt, not full leopard print. Sometimes full prints can get busy so these types of tops can be a nice eye saver. (;

My look…
You don’t have to have a shirt with small detail print on it, a scarf will do the same trick. Its a little accent the goes a long way!
I got this scarf in Illinois in 2007 at an antique store, but you can find these in larger stores like Forever 21.

I love these leopard print pants! I dont have pants that have pattern on them however if you have an old pair of jeans you can paint this print on them or even sew some printed fabric onto the back pockets for a cute detail.

When in doubt throw on a leopard print cardigan! If I can’t decide on what to wear over top of something this comes in handy!

My look…
This cardigan was from Target back in 2007. We’re long time friends. (;

Leopard print hair. It’s a style only few can pull off and only few will ever try. It’s bold and brave.
I don’t have leopard print hair although I’ve given it a fair thought.

My look…
If you don’t have leopard print hair and won’t have it in the near future you can always try out a leopard print bandana!
I got this when I was in Illinois at Walmart in 2008… I hate Walmart… but this was too cute to pass up. It’s a pink leopard print bandana!
This picture is from 2011.

A leopard print dress if done well can be the only look you need. If you have full print don’t combine with other prints, add a black or red cardigan or shoe and your set!

My look…
I love this dress! This is from Target, I got it in early August of 2012.
The cut of the back is longer which is perfect!