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Tasty Tuesday!

19 Sep

(Septemeber 18th, 2012)

These. are. amazing.

Oreo chocolate chip cookie!
All you need is a bag of oreos, and chocolate chip cookie mix!
Mix up the batter for the chocolate chip cookies, take 1 oreo and put a small amount of cookie mix on the top and the bottom of the oreo. Then flatten the cookies mix all over the top and bottom of the oreo cookie and cover the sides as well.
Bake, and done!
These are so quick! And sooo delicious!


Tasty Tuesday

4 Sep

This week I’ve created my version of a tuxedo cake!

I used half of a box of chocolate cake mix, half of a box of vanilla cake mix, individual caramel cubes, pre made vanilla frosting, and oreos!
I took a circular baking pan and lined it with pam, then dropped in the oreos, as many that will fit. (If needed, break the oreos to fit to pan.)
I then poured in my chocolate cake mix and baked as directed on box.
After it comes out of the oven, i placed it on a plate (oreos on the bottom) and poured in my vanilla cake mix.
After baking the vanilla cake I took it out to let it cool and had unwrapped half the bag of caramel squares and put them into a microwavable safe bowl. I heated the caramel making sure to not over heat it and then poured it over top of the chocolate cake.
After all the caramel is on top, place the vanilla cake layer onto the caramel topped chocolate cake.
To make the frosting I took the pre made vanilla frosting and crushed up about 12 oreo cookies. I stirred the frosting together to mix the cookies in then spread it on top and on the sides of the completed cake.

It is soooo good!
I was going to decorate the top with oreos that were split into halves but decided against it.
I didn’t know how well the caramel would taste, but it was just enough flavor to give it an extra surprise kick!

With the rest of the chocolate cake mix and caramel, if you dont have another purpose for them, use another pan (doesn’t matter what shape or size) and spray pam in bottom then pour melted caramel into the pan and top with the rest of your chocolate cake mix.
Be sure to not over cook, so check frequently.
Once out of the oven, and still hot, start to fold the caramel over from bottom of pan onto chocolate cake. This can get messy! Keep folding until all is combined and you have ribbons of caramel inner mixed with your now lose unformed chocolate cake.
This is perfect for a late night snack and best when still warm out of the oven the day you make it.

Girls night in!

30 Aug

My friend Kara and I hung out on Sunday afternoon! We’ve been needing this much deserved hang out time for quite a while!
We went to the store to grab as much junk food as possible and then headed to my house to get our party on. (:

We baked a delectable chocolate two layered cake. The bottom layer filled with slices of cherries, then a middle layer of chocolate frosting, followed by a layer of chocolate cake and topped with chocolate frosting mixed with red food coloring to give it a rich look and strawberries sliced in half. So much fun! And so rich and sweet!

After demolishing our cake we decided to sit infront of Photo Booth for about an hour. (; haha!

Me and Kara on a roller coaster.

We like long walks on the beach.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? (;

We’re out of this world. (;

The faces of angels. (;

Such a wonderful night with Kara! love love love! 🙂

Tasty Tuesday!

29 Aug

Banana Nutella Cupcakes!
I call them “Monkey Business Cupcakes”

I dont know where I got this idea, I just had these ingredients laying around and decided to put them all together.
Paired with some monkey cupcake paper wrappers my mom got me from Safeway its a match made in heaven!

Again I just used some simple pre bought cake mix, prepared that and put them into their cupcake holders, added a blob of nutella and sliced some bananas and lay them on top.
Baked and there you have it! They’re so tasty once they just come out of the oven! sooo yummy!

Tasty Tuesday!

7 Aug

Tasty Tuesdays are weekly posts of food I’ve cooked or things I’ve baked during the week.

This last week I was thinking about the desserts I’ve had when I’ve gone out to get food. The two best desserts thus far have been the Cookie Dough skillet from The Rock and the Brownie Sunday from The Hub. Both come with ice cream and are 100% to die for! So I thought, why not combine the two!?
I made the chocolate chip cookie dough from the Betty Crocker mix, and the brownie from a muffin mix (I think it was Betty Crocker too). I whipped up the cookie dough and pilled it all together on the baking sheet to fit the size of cake pan I wanted it to go into once it was done baking. Then I made the brownie mix and put it in the bottom of the pan I’d soon be putting the baked cookie into.
Sooo… I burnt the top of the brownie and I had to cut it in half and take the top burnt part off. However it was a happy mistake and allowed the cookie to fit perfectly to the top of the pan.
I put the brownie back into the bottom of the pan and placed the cookie on top, served warm with ice cream and boom!.. best brookie, crownie, cooknie, bookie, brownookie… ever! (:
If you’d like my full recipe just ask! Happy to share!

She’s jealous. =^.^=

Fresh Picks for August!

2 Aug

Monthly Fresh Picks is all about things I’m craving, need, &/or already have that I’m in love with for the selected month.
Fashion, accessories, things, and other things.

This past month has not felt like summer at all, and since Washington is cold 364 days out of the year (; my mind is really geared towards wintery types of clothing and other items.

Plum colored faux fur jacket (Nordstrom).
Love the shoes too!

Faux leather skirt!

My friend Danaca’s cupcake maker!

Kitchenaid aqua mixer!

Pottery Barn mason jar drink dispenser!

Leopard prink high waisted pencil skirt & her jacket! (;

(Black Milk Clothing) Outer space swimsuit.

This is one of my relatives cars who lives in Illinois. Want!

Mason Jar drink shaker!!

Mythical creature oil & vinegar pourers.

Gold glitter Steve Madden heel!

This month I’m so excited to have this jacket! I’m in love with it, but can’t truly wear it until Fall. 

I didn’t realize it until now that I look like I’m trying to do the same pose as the model above.
So ridiculous. haha!

Bebe faux leather “mixed media trench” coat! (Nordstrom)

Studio Oh! Mini recipe boxes! There are six different recipe boxes, but I’ve got the Cookie, Cupcake, & Chocolate recipe boxes.
They’re adorable! (:

Steve Madden Tropador Boot (Nordstrom) on their way in the mail right now! (:

(Hot Topic) Half skeleton dress.

Girls night in!

1 Aug

(July 30th, 2012)
On  Monday my friend Danaca and I got together to bake up some cupcakes using her ‘easy bake oven for grownups’. (;
We started by hitting the grocery store and grabbing some fresh ingredients to make our frosting from scratch. Using my box of recipes for cupcake frosting by Studio Oh! we chose the raspberry frosting recipe and the lemon frosting recipe. We used pre made cake mix for our cupcakes to save some time, one box of devils food cake and one box of regular vanilla cake mix.

Although she did most of the baking, I had a blast!
Blue Moon beer and baking, they just go hand in hand!


Danaca doing her cupcake dance. (;

Danaca sent me home with her jaring book!
I’m in love with mason jars and have been wanting to do some canning and jaring! Perfect starter book! (: