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Fashion Friday!

24 Sep

(September 21st, 2012)

This fashion Friday features my favorite start of Fall 2012 street trends!

I’m so ready to layer and bundle this Fall! My immediate instinct is to dress in dull colors during Fall and Winter, however there are ways of bringing color into your outfit! As well as using neutral colors into your clothing without making you look dull.
I love these street fashion photos! Really frickin’ cute!


Fashion Friday!

20 Jul

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite edgy street fashion photos!

I’ve always loved seeing street fashion, it’s some of the most unique, refreshing, and creatively inspiring fashion out there. Not to mention it’s easy to recreate looks you see walking down the sidewalk runway cheaply or at least for a price that doesn’t leave your wallet rendered useless.
I just love raw fashion that doesn’t have to make sense. It’s that wild side that tells you to not care what people think. Cheers to you wild side, for always making everyday interesting.