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Weekly inspiration Wednesday

19 Sep

This weeks inspiration | Nerds attack!

I love love love older video games (and of course Star Wars)!
I may not be so awesome at them… but that’s besides the point.
Who knew that having an intellectually badass (nerdy) side could be so cool? (;


Weekly Inspiration Wednesday!

12 Sep

This weeks inspiration | Black & white!

People usually have two conceptions of black and white, black and white is used either to make crazy stripes or designs to grab your attention, or used in boring blocks of color that doesn’t show personality. Although both can be true, there are fun ways to use black and white to not only grab your attention in a good way but also to show off your personality.
Just because it doesn’t come right out and punch you with color doesn’t mean that it’s boring.

There’s no white in this one, however I loved it.

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

6 Sep

(September 5th, 2012)

This weeks inspiration | lace!

I love lace! Some think that it’s for older women. Correction: It is dainty and pretty but it can have a wild side if you wear it right!
Getting back into colder months makes me think of lace for some reason.
I need more of it in my closet!

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday!

30 Aug

(August 29th, 2012)
This weeks inspiration | wedding things!

For some reason there has been an increase in weddings among my friends recently.
It’s got me thinking about all the things I’d like at my wedding, not like i’ve thought about it before… cuz’ that would just be crazy. (;
Years from now… this will be/is my inspiration.

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday!

22 Aug

This weeks inspiration | studs!
I wear at least one item of clothing or use a bag that has studs on it per day.
love love love

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

16 Aug

This weeks inspiration | prints & patterns!
(August 15th,2012)

I love to mix up prints and patterns!
This is my inspiration…

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

8 Aug

This weeks inspiration | Creative work spaces!

After moving into the new location for Uncorked Canvas I have been able to set up my own personal studio artist work space.
There is a room, small but still a room, that my coworkers and I can use freely to do our art in.
I was able to move in a desk and some supplies so I can come in anytime I please to work on my projects.
I’m so excited to make my small section of this studio space my own!
This is my inspiration!