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Accessory appreciation!

16 Sep

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy accessories! They can jazz up any outfit, or add just enough of an eye catcher!
Hats are one of my favorite accessories, other than the obvious, jewelry.
I usually dont wear hats, because I feel like I can’t go an entire day wearing one, however I love how the right hat will pull your entire look together!

Here’s to you hats! And all you do for our messy less than perfect hair days, and our outfits that are starving for a perfect match.


Fashion Friday!

24 Aug

This week Fashion Friday features my favorite dark fashion.
Dark colors and dark feeling.
Who says you can’t wear black during Summer…

To some black and edgy should be kept in the closet for the seasons of color. Especially this year, where the massive trend was to wear neons and brights. But getting out of whats expected or what makes sense is the best part about summer edginess.