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Tasty Tuesday!

19 Sep

(Septemeber 18th, 2012)

These. are. amazing.

Oreo chocolate chip cookie!
All you need is a bag of oreos, and chocolate chip cookie mix!
Mix up the batter for the chocolate chip cookies, take 1 oreo and put a small amount of cookie mix on the top and the bottom of the oreo. Then flatten the cookies mix all over the top and bottom of the oreo cookie and cover the sides as well.
Bake, and done!
These are so quick! And sooo delicious!


Tasty Tuesday!

7 Aug

Tasty Tuesdays are weekly posts of food I’ve cooked or things I’ve baked during the week.

This last week I was thinking about the desserts I’ve had when I’ve gone out to get food. The two best desserts thus far have been the Cookie Dough skillet from The Rock and the Brownie Sunday from The Hub. Both come with ice cream and are 100% to die for! So I thought, why not combine the two!?
I made the chocolate chip cookie dough from the Betty Crocker mix, and the brownie from a muffin mix (I think it was Betty Crocker too). I whipped up the cookie dough and pilled it all together on the baking sheet to fit the size of cake pan I wanted it to go into once it was done baking. Then I made the brownie mix and put it in the bottom of the pan I’d soon be putting the baked cookie into.
Sooo… I burnt the top of the brownie and I had to cut it in half and take the top burnt part off. However it was a happy mistake and allowed the cookie to fit perfectly to the top of the pan.
I put the brownie back into the bottom of the pan and placed the cookie on top, served warm with ice cream and boom!.. best brookie, crownie, cooknie, bookie, brownookie… ever! (:
If you’d like my full recipe just ask! Happy to share!

She’s jealous. =^.^=