Tasty Tuesday

11 Sep

Chocolate caramel chocolaty chocolate chip cake!
This is far from a dry cake, it is a gooey delicious creation that melts in your mouth!
Don’t believe me?! Try it out yourself!

To make this cake I sprayed pam on the bottom and sides of the pan. I used chocolate cake mix and added chocolate chips while i beat all the ingredients together. I poured 1/3 of the mix into a pan. I then drizzled caramel sause that you would normally warm up and put on your ice cream, onto the first layer of chocolate cake. I then poured another 3rd into the pan. I then drizzled chocolate sause onto this layer, then added the last of the cake mix on top.
(Add as much or as little of each sause as you like. I used a lot, enough to cover over the entire top of each layer!)
Bake as directed, then once it’s ready to come out of the oven check to make sure that it’s ready by inserting a toothpick into the center.
Keep in mind that if you have to add more time make sure to not over do it!

Once the cake has cooled for about 5 minutes very carefully flip it upside down onto a plate you’ll be serving from.
The caramel and chocolate will be melted and runny at the bottom of the pan, so as you flip, be aware that it may fling or run off and you may be dealing with more of a mess than you intended.

Once flipped, serve warm! the middle on mine was still a bit gooey and runny, which was sooo yummy!
Counting calories is so last season! (;

Soooo gone.


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