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Accessory appreciation!

16 Sep

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy accessories! They can jazz up any outfit, or add just enough of an eye catcher!
Hats are one of my favorite accessories, other than the obvious, jewelry.
I usually dont wear hats, because I feel like I can’t go an entire day wearing one, however I love how the right hat will pull your entire look together!

Here’s to you hats! And all you do for our messy less than perfect hair days, and our outfits that are starving for a perfect match.


Fashion Friday!!!

14 Sep

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite outer space fashion!!!

This is an exciting topic for me! I am in love with space. Everything from stars to cosmic rays! (look it up.)
I love the look of the colors and shapes on clothing and accessories. This trend is easy for anyone to wear and it’s not just a one season type deal. You can wear these prints year round. I promise.
(Pluto should still be a planet… (; ass hole astronomers.)