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Fashion Friday!

24 Sep

(September 21st, 2012)

This fashion Friday features my favorite start of Fall 2012 street trends!

I’m so ready to layer and bundle this Fall! My immediate instinct is to dress in dull colors during Fall and Winter, however there are ways of bringing color into your outfit! As well as using neutral colors into your clothing without making you look dull.
I love these street fashion photos! Really frickin’ cute!


Accessory appreciation!

16 Sep

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy accessories! They can jazz up any outfit, or add just enough of an eye catcher!
Hats are one of my favorite accessories, other than the obvious, jewelry.
I usually dont wear hats, because I feel like I can’t go an entire day wearing one, however I love how the right hat will pull your entire look together!

Here’s to you hats! And all you do for our messy less than perfect hair days, and our outfits that are starving for a perfect match.

Fashion Friday!!!

14 Sep

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite outer space fashion!!!

This is an exciting topic for me! I am in love with space. Everything from stars to cosmic rays! (look it up.)
I love the look of the colors and shapes on clothing and accessories. This trend is easy for anyone to wear and it’s not just a one season type deal. You can wear these prints year round. I promise.
(Pluto should still be a planet… (; ass hole astronomers.)

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday!

12 Sep

This weeks inspiration | Black & white!

People usually have two conceptions of black and white, black and white is used either to make crazy stripes or designs to grab your attention, or used in boring blocks of color that doesn’t show personality. Although both can be true, there are fun ways to use black and white to not only grab your attention in a good way but also to show off your personality.
Just because it doesn’t come right out and punch you with color doesn’t mean that it’s boring.

There’s no white in this one, however I loved it.

Fashion Friday!

7 Sep

This weeks fashion Friday features my favorite denim looks! From white to black, jean is mean! (;

I try to stay away from the denim dan look, but i’ve got a lot of jean things in my closet… i can’t help it! I’m just in love.

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

6 Sep

(September 5th, 2012)

This weeks inspiration | lace!

I love lace! Some think that it’s for older women. Correction: It is dainty and pretty but it can have a wild side if you wear it right!
Getting back into colder months makes me think of lace for some reason.
I need more of it in my closet!

Fresh picks for September!

1 Sep

Monthly Fresh Picks is all about things I’m craving, need, &/or already have that I’m in love with for the selected month.
Fashion, accessories, things, and other things.

Back to cold seasons, sad, but it can be the beginning of something beautiful! New and old fashions appearing out of the woodwork that were laid to rest by the suns harsh glow. I’m so ready to relax in my house by the fire and wear millions of layers.
Maybe it’s the Washington girl inside me, but bring it frost bite. I bite back.

Her everything!

Although the sun is fading away I’d still love to own a pair of cat eye shades to fend off the cold glare of the pure white sky we get here in the Northwest.

Back to school! I want everything! (;

Love! These! Heels!

Black is easily wearable during all seasons (I think) but now you can really kick it up a notch and pull out those tights and an edgy fitted jacket!

I need these. Adorable!

These silver earrings are going to be mine! Someday.

Snow White inspired apron! Baking pies in this thing would be a cinch, especially with the help from all my animal friends. (;

Cake decorating kit! And an intense one at that!

A flask concealer, disguised in the form of a book.
Classy and clever!

Black spiked coffee mug!

Ignore the strange strange face! ha! I bought this apron at Artco in Tacoma Washington and I love it! It’s just my style! 😉

This other apron I bought while in Disneyland! Such a cute girly design! And the pocket detail of Minnie Mouse stitched in makes it even more wonderful!

Originally I was going to get a different pair of Steve Madden boots (black with silver studs up the sides as featured in my Fresh Picks for August post) however after trying them on I decided these bad boys were the way to go!
These Steve Maddens are called the Tarnney boot. I got them in brown because the other colors seemed to make the boot look a bit too clunky.

I got this jacket from Nordstrom about a year ago. Its by Bernardo. The sizes run really small. I got a large and it was still a bit snug. I chose to leave mine unzipped most the time. haha!

My cozy owl mug!! A must have for the cool season changes just around the corner. My mom got this for me from Pier One Imports! It is a bit difficult to use, the rim is hard to sip from, but it’s so worth it!
Hot cocoa… Hot apple cider… meet my owl mug!