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Warriors of the weekend!

30 Jul

Drew surprised me with this massive box, opening it was like Christmas, and then seeing them was like looking at a box of kittens to adopt on the side of the road.
Smirnoff, you are wonderful!
My favorite is definitely the Blueberry & Lemonade as well as the Classic Lemonade. All four flavors (Signature Screwdriver, Classic Lemonade, Cranberry & Lime, and Blueberry & Lemonade) are completely delightful. It was way to easy to keep drinking these like a child with a juice box.
Cheers to you!

Even the cats approve!

While I enjoyed my ‘juice box’, Drew opened up his Churchkey can and we had a full day of sun, song, and sause. (;

Best find ever! The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Sound Track on vinyl.

Perfect vegetarian BBQ!

 Drew is a master chef!


The most wonderful day ever.
Skating, prime picture taking, bars, food, & dancing to songs by Justice.
I made Drew a necklace out of clover flowers… he liked it.

Me & Capitan!

At The Spar 
Location | 2121 North 30th Street  Tacoma, WA 98403
The Spar has the best fish and chips (beer battered cod) I’ve ever had!
Pared with a Spire Dark and Dry cider, it’s a perfect meal.

At the Crown Bar! My favorite! 
One set of our many drinks. I got a Whisky Sour (on right) and Drew got the ‘Old Fashioned Old Fashioned’ (on left).

Watching the Olympics!
I think I’ve decided if the Olympics ever consider drinking a sport, we’ll be seeing you on T.V. with the gold metals.

Best day ever.


Music & Makeup Monday

30 Jul

This week’s music is a little darker than the last.
These are some of my favorite bands of all time.

This weeks look is a dark eye paired with a dark lip.
There are a few ways to do this, the dark lip doesn’t necissarily mean you have to wear black lipstick. But a darker red like a plum works well with a dark smokey eye.
I will wear this look even during the summer.
Usually dark eyes and lip color don’t go hand in hand, but this is the exception.
If you have a dark brow this will work well for you too.

Fashion Friday

29 Jul

This weeks fashion features my favorite up to date rockabilly fashion!
(July 27th, 2012)

I’m so in love with rockabilly fashion.
I went through a long phase of wearing dresses and heels all day everyday.
That stage is long gone, however.. I will always love a tight pencil skirt and some good victory rolls.

The Casual
Hair bandana, T-shirt, Dark Wash Jeans, & High Pumps

The High Wasted Short

The Heart Shaped Neckline Dress

The Classic
Cardigan, Top, Separate High Waisted Pencil Skirt, & Strappy Heel

Hair Bandana & Button Up Shirt

Weekly Inspiration Wednesday

28 Jul

(July 25th, 2012)

This weeks inspiration | Stripes!

I always hate using stripes in anything, fashion, accessories, home decore… but it doesn’t have to look cheap or over done.
A simple striped top paired with another pattern or a solid color can really bring out the stripes without making them too excessive.
A simple striped pillow in a room can be just enough of a pattern to make the room!
This is my inspiration.

Tasty Tuesday

27 Jul

(July 24th, 2012)

Tasty Tuesdays are weekly posts of food I’ve cooked or things I’ve baked during the week.

I was going to make a fruit pie, however I was talked into making a cream pie.
I chose to bake a chocolate cream pie, all from scratch!

I loved this pie, I’m usually more into cakes or fruit pies, but it turned out amazing!
I used Ghirardelli bitter sweet chocolate and melted it down, it made this pie!

Here’s the link to the recipe I used from the blog Made From Scratch by Alyson!

I should have whipped the cream longer to make it more sturdy, it got a little milkier than I was hoping.

So so so yummy!

And with the spare pie crust I made Drew cooked up a wonderful little concoction.
With the unbaked dough he rolled it out into a flat sheet and sliced a few long strips.
He then added butter, cinnamon, and sugar onto the slices, rolled them up and put them in a frying pan.
15 seconds later, these  little bites of wonderful were created.

Happiest Place on Earth!

23 Jul


When my dad asked me where I wanted to go on vacation, our choices were Hawaii or Disneyland…
Of course I chose Disneyland. Don’t ask why, I just thought for good ol’ times sake.
I’m so excited!

I’ll be back soon WordPress! With lots of new posts!

Love, Kaitlyn

Music & Makeup Monday

23 Jul



The edgy red lip and light eye.
One of my favorite looks of all time, so classic!
I like to do a dark eye and a light lip so I usually never use this look but every once in a blue moon I wear it.
Love, love, love!