Warriors of the Weekend!

11 Sep

(September 9th, 2012)

I lalalalove this drink, which is surprising because it’s non-alcoholic. haha! (;
Southern Kitchen in Tacoma Wa on 6th ave is ahhhmazing! The staff are inviting and personable! It’s got an old diner feel with a southern twang. Drew and I love it!
This is the most wonderful lemonade I’ve ever had!
They also serve mango lemonade, which is equally as fantastic and southern sweet tea!
We love you guys!

(September 3rd, 2012)

Drew’s family celebrated a last summer hu-ra on their newly renovated back deck. We had a massive amount of bbq salmon, veggie burgers, and corn on the cob!

Drew’s sister! (: …

Then a visit to our friends at Southern Kitchen!

I ordered the catfish sandwich with a side of mac & cheese!

Drew got a cheese omelette, hash browns, and a biscuit! num!

We went to Shakabrah Java in Tacoma Wa on 6th ave for breakfast, we love it here! Such a good selection especially if you’re vegetarian!

He’s posing. haha!

Girls day in again! Me and Danaca hung out while she made us an extravagant dinner… however it took too long to complete so we ended up going to The Red Hot for beer and hot dogs.

She bought us some red wine so we felt like adults, but I caved and went back to my old ways by putting ice cubes in mine.
(Whatever it’s better that way!)

Danaca prepared a tomato dish for us that she had to hang and strain for a bit.
Getting clever I suggested we use the bike to hang it from.

She just bought adorable mini plants!

Such a ferocious tiny venus fly trap!

All in all.. Great weekend!!!


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