Warriors of the Weekend!

3 Sep

The Pt. Defiance IPA, it’s a Tacoma local beer but if you ever get the chance to try it, it’s well worth your while!
I shared a beer and a chat with my friend Ellie for her 21st birthday at The Tap Room. (:

Drew and I went to the skate park and he ‘accidently’ took this from the community garden for me. (;

I made “fronter eggs” for breakfast/lunch for Drew and I. They turned out amazingly! I am now newly proud of my breakfast skills! (;

Drew got his bee tattoos finished at House of Tattoo. Katie again, making amazing artsy things!

They both beeee mean muggin’! (:

Afterwards we headed over to Crown Bar to find that we had the entire place to ourselves!

Danaca and her boy Trevor came to meet up with us to grab a bite to eat and some booze. Still with the place all to ourselves!
People eventually started to file in after some local shows ended, but it was such an amazing night! Love love love.

Celebrating my friend Ellie’s birthday (sitting on floor) we went out to see a movie in the VIP section, which was awesome! Then went back to her place for a movie and a drink or two. (:
(in order: Our friend Sam, Ellie, & me!)

On the weekend Ellie and I hit up Crown Bar, Doyles, and The Tap Room (in order of photos).
Suuuuch a good time! Happy 21st girl!

On Saturday night (September 1st, 2012) Danaca and I went out on the town.
We needed a girls night! (:
After a lot of talking, we’ve decided we’re the same person. haha! true.

At Magoo’s in Tacoma Washington.

She is gorgeous! (: love you Danaca!


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