A purpose for repurposing!

2 Sep

Using wall hangers is so old fashioned. (; So instead I gathered a few long sturdy branches from the forest behind my house to hang on my wall. I picked a few I thought would fit well and would carry the weight of all the things I wanted to put on it.
I stripped all the bark of of them and broke them down to the size I wanted. I looked for branches that had a bit of a curve and some personality. The extra branches that stick off of the main branch are very useful for hanging belts, scarves and even hats on.
If you go out scouring for your ‘new’ hanger please be sure you only take branches that have already fallen. Make sure you check them for rot before you remove them from the woods!

Test the brach to make sure it will hold all the weight you’d like it to. This branch I picked up can hold up to 11 jackets, 8 scarves, and 7 belts.
Note that all vary in strength. 
I used long hanger screws to hold the branch to the wall (one on each end), and used s shape hangers to hang the jacket hangers onto the branch.

This is such a statement piece in my room. I love it to death!

I found this old sliding window screen outside of my boyfriend’s house that was destined for the landfill and I scooped it up with an immediate attraction to it. I hung it on my wall with two push pins (one on each side). I then hung all of my earrings on the screen. I love this piece. I cleaned it but putting it in the bath tub and scrubbing it with a wire brush lightly while warm water was running on it. It was a free and fun earring hanger to find! (;

After going to an antique store I took home this vintage wooden crate for $14. I used it to put all of my acrylic paints in to organize them and have quick easy access to any color I need.

They all fit perfectly. Even the larger acrylic bottles fit!

Easy to carry around and easy to use! These crates are very fun to stack or hang on walls for shelves. I got a fairly shallow box, however there are crates that are deeper and work very well for putting things in! This particular crate has four dividers. Some have none, others have up to 50 small wooden dividers. They’re very fun and creative to use!


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