Warriors of the weekend!

13 Aug

Drew made this wonderful drink in the morning, it was delicious! Regular orange juice, the cheapest we could find, and Cooks White Zinfandel California Blush Champagne. It was so good with the french toast he made!

Over the weekend we had a blast! On Thursday night we went to dinner at the newly renovated Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant in Gig Harbor, Wa. It has been completely transformed into a beautiful dinning experience. The setting is so rich and authentically gorgeous! Tons of great lighting and warm tones! And it’s completely packed from the time they open to the time they close, however they always seem to have enough seating to get everyone in and seated right away.
Drinking and dinning.
My bright pink turned out to be anything but ‘girly’ it was a strong one! It’s called the Prickly Cactus Fruit Margarita. And boy does it pack a punch.
Drew ordered a Sol and we had ourselves a good ‘ole  time!

For eats he chose the Mahi-Mahi fish tacos, which I didn’t try but he said they definitely needed the hot sause he slathered on them.

I ordered my favorite, the Avocado Ceasar Salad with Tiger Shrimp. Oh so tasty!

Friday we were off to Doyle’s for some booze and some bites!
Their menu has some good variety! I’m pescatarian and I’ve always been able to find something! They’re more than happy to take out meat on their menu items.

We love their Whisky Sours! They make a perfect blend!
Trish, our most favoritest bartender at Doyle’s, is amazing at what she does! Whippin’ up these drinks to perfection! Trish you are one feisty bartender. (;

Drew’s black and tan.

During happy hour (Monday – Friday “Traditional after work” 3pm-6pm and “Late night booze absorber” 9pm-1am) everything on their happy hour menu is only $3!
Drew decided to go for the Tater Tot Nachos without bacon, as well as a grilled cheese sandwich served with tomato basil bisque.

I went for their Hummas plate that was not on the $3 menu but it tastes just as sweet! (:
(I asked for extra pitta bread)

I taught at the new Uncorked Canvas! Finally! (:
This is one of our new paintings that our Facebook contest winner sent in to us. It originated from a photograph she sent us and then we turned it into this painting!
Their were 8 students total and they all did such a great job!

We just can’t stay away from the Crown Bar!
On Tuesday we went to The Corner Bar (Hanks in Tacoma Wa) to meet up with Chelsea (the best Crown Bar bartender ever!) and Kevin her boyfriend (a Crown Bar bartender/server). They’re so hilarious and super chill to hang out with. Doing this again soon!

This night I had the special “The Honey Badger” made with the Crown Bar owner’s very own ‘home made’ honey.
While talking with the owner about his bee’s he said that this year they’ve gotten into the blackberry flowers which has produced a very dark rich molasses looking honey.
It is something to buzz about!

Swithchin it up Drew got a Whiskey Ginger. So refreshing!

They’re cute together. (;


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