A space of my own!

8 Aug

The reason for my Weekly Inspiration Wednesday about creative work spaces this week was because I’ve got my own small space in the Uncorked Canvas studio to do my art and draft up designs. I’m so thrilled to have this little wall all to myself in this small room.
It’s much more inspiring than my small room at home with one window that faces bushes. The view that I have in this space is of the hustle and bustle street (7th and St. Helens in Tacoma) as well as of a fantastic water front view! (It’s also in walking distance of antique stores, coffee shops, and one of my favorite bars, Doyle’s Pub House)
I’m so excited to make this spot my own!

I went scavenging for a perfect desk and I found this! It took all day to find and I almost didn’t go to the last place I thought I’d check.
This drafting table was $37 from Goodwill!
Perfect condition! (:

The jacket I’m wearing “Amocat Tacoma” was made by a friend of Drew and I. He makes amazing screen prints for patches and clothing for his line called Polychromatic Revolution.
He is also in a band called The BreakLites from Tacoma, Wa.
Amazing stuff Alex Schelhammer!
(Full post on him coming soon!)

I love you already little wall to myself.


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