Warriors of the weekend!

6 Aug

Shirley Temple with vodka (on left) & Roy Rogers with whiskey (on right)!
Unfortunately my camera died, so Saturday night I had to use my crappy phone camera. I’ve learned my lesson.
These delicious concoctions were made by Chelsea at the Crown Bar on 6th ave in Tacoma.
These classy drink ideas were all Drew’s. Such amazing drinks Chelsea! Thank you… again and again and again! (; 

Earlier we headed out to Doyle’s in Tacoma Wa.
Drew got our usual ‘The Napalm’ which is what we called it, it’s a shot of fireball and and a whole bottle of Angry Orchard Cider.

And I enjoyed a Whiskey sour, a lot. (:

We also went over to Drew’s friend Jeff’s house (August 4th, 2012) for a bit and he had a whole entire spread awaiting us. haha!

On Thursday night (August 2nd, 2012) my mom, friend Kara, and I went to The Rock in Tacoma to grab some pizza after our painting extravaganza for Uncorked Canvas. Must have pizza’s are the Evil Ways and the Wild Child! Soooo good!
This drink is called Raspberry Fields Forever. It’s a very good drink for a hot day. It’s basically a grownup slushy.

For dessert we ordered the Cookie Dough ‘skillet’ topped with ice cream!

On Friday my mom made these delectable bite size goodies on sticks. Fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

On Friday night Drew, his parents, and I went out to see the new batman movie and I was so in awe of it!
Such a fantastic movie! It was a long movie but well worth it!


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