Music & Makeup Monday

6 Aug

This week I’m going to try to be more inspired by color. When I do my makeup I stick to black, browns, and gold.
I’ve always been scared to use colors other than neutrals thinking that I’d always look like I was from the 80’s or something.
Looking at some videos on how to use color not only smartly but to your advantage given your eye color or skin tone has given me a bit of a boost and a step in the right direction. You don’t have to be scared of color anymore!

Blue has been the one color I really stay away from. However you don’t have to smother it on your entire eyelid.
A simple swipe of color in your crease and in the inner corner of your eyes can give you the color you want without over powering your eye.

With this pinkish/purple color they’ve created a smokey eye complemented with a bold lip.

This rustic redish brown color is used under the lower lash line and paired with a white inner eye color that brightens and lightens that otherwise heavy and dark under eye color.

Using one color tone is another way to make yourself look like your from a Twisted Sister music video, but by adding in another shade of the same color you can add depth and interest.

Even green makes an appearance here. This may not be the shade for you, but having a black eye liner on your lash line helps to break up the severity of the color as well as add structure to your wild spirited color. Again the lip color plays a big roll in the look and feel of this neon green. The colors complement each other and pull the whole look together.

Bring it on color, I’ll kick your ass. (;


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