Fresh off the press!

3 Aug

My trip to California resulted in sun burns, sore legs, and tired eyes.
However the trip was completely worth it!
Coming back to our hotel on the first night, we passed a small pizzeria and we just had to check it out.
As a result, we brought this little beauty back to the hotel room and devoured it within seconds.
We quickly decided the next night we needed our own pizzas instead of sharing. There is no way I was going to share these slices of heaven again, forget about it. (;

The Pizza Press...
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…also known as ‘The Best Pizzeria I’ve Ever Been To’, has a variety of hand made pizzas to chose from, as well as the option to add items to one of their menu pizza’s, or pair up your favorite toppings and make your own completely.
Each pizza on their menu is named after a major newspaper, such as The Tribune, The Times and my favorite The Chronicle.
After the first night I knew I would never want another pizza again unless it was from The Pizza Press. Nothing else will ever compair or even come close for that matter.
I could not believe that they had only opened their doors in Anaheim, California about a month ago. Seriously jaw dropping considering how classic, clean, put together, and classy this place is!
Night after night we came back. Three nights in a row to be exact, and not once did I ever feel like it was enough.

The interior is beautiful. It’s colors are strikingly classy and the warm lighting fits perfectly into the relaxed setting.
Their Roaring Twenties theme is perfect and well done in a very classy way. Each employee wears a twenties inspired uniform which completes the entire feel of the subtle but grand theme. Newspaper themed items are placed throughout, including old newspaper print wallpaper that covers the walls gorgeously.
They’ve decorated with clever and creative pieces as well as simple but smart details that make the entire place completely cohesive.
This is the type of place that I want to go to not only for their amazing freshly made pizza, but for the comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

I’m not a die hard beer person, but the Golden Chaos was perfect!

Even their trash can is creative! (: 

The Pizza Press is comfortable and extremely friendly! You walk in and immediately feel welcome. The entire staff is completely open and inviting. It’s small and quaint, in a big sort of way. Some smaller businesses act cocky and too good for you, but these guys take their business seriously. No eye rolling if you ask questions or too cool attitudes. They are genuinely caring and passionate about their work. They take their time with each pizza, laying out each ingredient perfectly on the pie. They really strive to establish a relationship with their customers, and they do an excellent job of it. Starting conversations and getting to know the people that walk through their doors seems to be a completely natural thing. Attentive and polite, they want everyones experience to be a pleasant and fun one!
My experience with The Pizza Press is an impressive one. I am 100% in awe with this small business that I hope will continue to grow and grow fast! I expect a Pizza Press in Tacoma, Washington by next year. (; haha!

Huge thank you to Justin! Your constant uplifting attitude and entertaining conversation was so much appreciated every night.
Not to mention, your pizza making skills are definitely ones to brag about!

Bellow is The Tribune and The Chronicle pizzas off their menu.

They even make their own ice cream, and it’s phenomenal! This one is called Cookie Monster.

All in all, cheers to you Pizza Press. You’ve raised the bar in pizza standards.
I will be seeing you again!


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