Warriors of the weekend!

30 Jul

Drew surprised me with this massive box, opening it was like Christmas, and then seeing them was like looking at a box of kittens to adopt on the side of the road.
Smirnoff, you are wonderful!
My favorite is definitely the Blueberry & Lemonade as well as the Classic Lemonade. All four flavors (Signature Screwdriver, Classic Lemonade, Cranberry & Lime, and Blueberry & Lemonade) are completely delightful. It was way to easy to keep drinking these like a child with a juice box.
Cheers to you!

Even the cats approve!

While I enjoyed my ‘juice box’, Drew opened up his Churchkey can and we had a full day of sun, song, and sause. (;

Best find ever! The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Sound Track on vinyl.

Perfect vegetarian BBQ!

 Drew is a master chef!


The most wonderful day ever.
Skating, prime picture taking, bars, food, & dancing to songs by Justice.
I made Drew a necklace out of clover flowers… he liked it.

Me & Capitan!

At The Spar 
Location | 2121 North 30th Street  Tacoma, WA 98403
The Spar has the best fish and chips (beer battered cod) I’ve ever had!
Pared with a Spire Dark and Dry cider, it’s a perfect meal.

At the Crown Bar! My favorite! 
One set of our many drinks. I got a Whisky Sour (on right) and Drew got the ‘Old Fashioned Old Fashioned’ (on left).

Watching the Olympics!
I think I’ve decided if the Olympics ever consider drinking a sport, we’ll be seeing you on T.V. with the gold metals.

Best day ever.


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